Media Production

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From our full-service production facility, we offer a comprehensive collection of resources that can be tailored to your project’s specific needs.

Our talented team of writers, video producers, editors, and streaming specialists partner with you to create custom, high-quality content that is unique to your course, or project, while being sensitive to your budget.

We utilize Adobe Creative Cloud software, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition, along with additional software plug-ins and support elements.

Here are a few of the standard services we offer:

  • Studio Recordings – Our multipurpose studio is equipped with single and multi-camera 4K set up, including complete lighting capabilities, teleprompter and full green screen or curtain backdrop. We’ve designed a great facility for recording presentations and interviews with the ability to integrate graphics, animation, text and music into the final production.
  • Animation – One of our specialties (sometimes called “explainer videos“) is taking complex, abstract concepts and make them easily understood to a wide range of viewers. Whether you need to promote your program or explain a research project, we can help visualize your work and bring it to life in an engaging, informative, and entertaining way.
  • Location Shoots– We regularly travel to clients’ labs, classrooms, or workplaces to capture footage of them doing what they do best. On-location video helps provide additional context to video projects and adds visual variety to studio productions.
  • Webinar/ Live Broadcast – Your program or presentation can be streamed live on location for up to 100 interactive users or to an unlimited audience with a 45-second safety delay. We can also stream to Facebook, YouTube, or any platform that best suits your needs. All productions can be available online immediately after the program ends.
  • Promotional or Information Video – A more narrative product that showcases or advertises your program or area of study.

Our production team can provide raw footage for you to edit or you can continue working with us to fully edit your material into a final professional quality product. Our staff is also available for video editing of footage you already have through our full-service production facility.

Take a moment to explore a few examples in our video gallery.