Training Programs

We can create full training programs incorporating interactive online content, lecture capture, educational vignettes and visual training scenarios.

Spotlight: Pharmacy Technician Training Program

The Instructional Challenge

To develop an engaging online learning environment that will provide comprehensive pharmacy technician training to a diverse group of learners.

Client Profile

The Pharmacy Technician Training Program was conceived and executed by pharmacists and technicians at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy.


Our instructional designers are well versed in creating high-quality pedagogy in a high-tech environment. They worked with the program’s subject matter experts to create an interactive learning community on Canvas.


Our video production team worked with the program’s curriculum developers to create engaging online content, including lecture capture, educational vignettes and visual training scenarios.


The Canvas site is the hub of the Pharmacy Technician Training Program. Here, students can find content broken down into modules. Each module includes clear learning objectives, reading materials, a short lecture and a self-assessment opportunity as well as additional resources designed to help students explore each topic further.

Students take the course over a nine week period, during which they are able to discuss content with each other and with the course supervisors and practice their new skills.

Real World Skills

The training program prepares future pharmacy technicians to work in a variety of settings by providing them with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Graduates may find employment with local community pharmacies, hospitals, retail pharmacies, mail-order drug companies and insurance companies.


The Pharmacy Technician Training Program received more than 100 application in 2016, and interviewed about 20. Each trainee who completes the program will go on to a pharmacy technician position at Shands.

Looking Ahead

The Pharmacy Technician Training Program is just one example of our continuing dedication to education in an age of ever-changing technology.

Because of the success of the program, there has been discussion of creating similar programs for other disciplines. We view this program as a “career ladder” for many of the entry-level positions at the hospital.

Pharmacy technician demonstration

A pharmacy technician demonstrates how to pre-package oral medication.

Green screen recording

Our video production team uses green screen sessions to enhance lectures and demonstrations.

Screenshots of the course homepage and media gallery

The course homepage (right) and media gallery (left).

Image of a pharmacy technician

A pharmacy technician takes part in a demonstration.