Full Services List

Distance Education Support and Services

Our team is here to help you create a robust online program from scratch or streamline and improve your current program to its fullest potential.

Enrollment Management

Program Development Process

Curriculum development and self-funded approval are the first steps in developing a for-credit self-funded program


Student Support Services

Lifelong Learning acts as a single point of contact for students, and we leverage our long-existing relationships with the Registrar, Admissions, Bursar, Graduate School and Financial Aid to provide students with the best possible experience.

ID Services

Instructional Design

Our Instructional Designers are here to work with instructors and clients to create unique courses and other education programs that will engage, educate and improve the learning process.

ID Services


Our team can help make your content meet widely-recognized standards of accessibility, ensuring that every student has equal opportunity to succeed in your program.

Creative Works

We’re here to help you create custom, engaging multimedia content for your program, and courses. Through our online services we can provide website support and develop strategic marketing campaigns that help students find you.

Production Services

Media Production

With a team of videographers, producers, and IT specialists, Lifelong Learning staffs a full-service video studio equipped for any type of media production, including in-studio recording, location shoots, live event production and promotional videos.

Online Services

Website Development

Lifelong Learning is responsible for the content creation and development on over fifteen websites. We can help optimize a site that might have already been built to maximize its appeal and exposure to distance education students.

Production Services

Project Management

With Lifelong Learning’s project management skills the process we can get your project from point A to B efficiently, while keeping you involved in the process.

Online Services

Enrollment Marketing

Using traditional and digital marketing strategies, we can develop a marketing plan aimed at building leads and conversions into your program.

Producation Services

Grant Proposals

If you are preparing a grant that involves an outreach component or other multimedia elements, we can assist by providing you a quote for the services that you can include in your proposal.

Production Services

Training Services

Our training programs include interactive online content, lecture captures, educational vignettes and visual training scenarios.