2020-2021 Service Lines – UF Clients

Effective July 1st, 2020 through June 30th, 2021

LinesUF RateAcademic RateExternal RateExample Rate
Project Leader$39.80$47.76$79.59Lead Editor, Producer, Project Manager
Production Specialist II$37.16$44.59$74.31Videographer, Animator, Editor
Production Specialist I$35.57$42.69$69.03Graphic Design, Text Animation, Web Content Specialist
Designer$64.33$77.19$128.65Instructional Designer
Developer$50.05$60.06$100.09Interactive Media Developer
Production Assistant$34.52$41.42$69.03Archiving, Asset Management, Production Assistant
Marketing Specialist$106.65$127.98$213.30Marking & Communications Specialists
Marketing Manager$117.76$141.31$235.52Marketing Strategist
In Studio Hourly Rate (A)$47.46$56.96$94.93Rental Rate for Studio A (does not include staff)
In Studio Hourly Rate (B)$44.52$53.96$89.03Rental Rate for Studio B (does not include staff)
In Studio Hourly Rate (C)$35.43$42.51$70.85Rental Rate for Studio C (does not include staff)
On Location Hourly Rate$45.87$55.05$91.75Location Rate (does not include staff)


  1. All operational and support costs are built into the rates. Clients only pay for hours worked by staff.
  2. All expenses and/or sub-contractors for projects are passed through to the client.
  3. Minimum call times are 4 hours for all events and shoots.
  4. Ongoing Agreements are billed quarterly, unless otherwise requested.
  5. Creative Works follows all Policies set up by the University of Florida.